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Aircraft daily direct flight DXB / DWC
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Flexible airport scheduling for Beijing,

Shanghai,Guangzhou,HK and best matching plan

  • Parity
  • Security
  • High efficiency
  • Sincerity
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Self-owned China-HK trucks
Smart tracking system with APP and GPS

In Hong Kong's own transport companies and joint warehouses, it provides customers with cross-border transport between Mainland China and Hong Kong, local storage and delivery in Hong Kong, to meet the demand of goods exchange between China and Hong Kong, and is the connector and booster of trade between Mainland China and Hong Kong.

  • 01
    Capacity support, ready to respond
  • 02
    Full insurance, no worries
  • 03
    Fast customs clearance, convenient procedures
  • 04
    Process monitoring, nodes can be checked
  • 05
    Time guarantee: Bulk delivery on the same day
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