Warehousing and distribution services

Dongguan warehouse area: 1000 ㎡
Shenzhen warehouse area: 6000 ㎡
Hong Kong warehouse area: 38000 ft2
Value added warehousing services: QC, filling, labeling, repair, transportation and warehouse CCTV monitoring

Warehouse management

The logistics network covering all regions of the country, self-developed warehouse management information system, advanced automatic sorting equipment, modern warehousing facilities and professional operation team, caohang provides comprehensive and professional warehousing services for enterprise customers, including loading and unloading services, cargo sorting, barcode management, VMI inventory management, spare parts management and real-time warehouse Store information feedback.

In addition, it also provides warehousing services in the following two aspects:

1. Optimize the warehouse layout of customers according to their sales channels and existing warehouse distribution.
2. According to the customer's product characteristics, packaging specifications and requirements,
storage conditions, turnover, transportation environment and other elements, set up supporting warehouse system, loading and unloading
system and standardized operation process to relieve production pressure.

We implement the following technologies in modern warehouse management:
1. WMS warehouse management system
2. Bar code technology
3. RF technology and Application
4. ASW automatic stereoscope warehouse
5. VMI vendor managed inventory
6. Just in time

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