Pre Harbour
Pre harbour service

We are based in the Pearl River Delta, while providing a full range of pre port services in the Yangtze River Delta.

(including Yantian, Shekou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao, etc.)

Terminal container transportation

The land transportation service of loading goods to the factory by trailer and returning heavy containers to the wharf;

Or the whole container of imported goods can be towed from the wharf to the factory for unloading, and then returned to the land transportation service from the Kyrgyzstan container to the wharf.

Transportation by ton truck in and out of warehouse

Land transportation service for transporting goods that cannot be exported in a whole container from the factory to the warehouse by van;

Or transport the goods from the warehouse to the factory for unloading.


Own your own transportation company

We have our own car shop in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Caobang Logistics Co., Ltd. has more than 30 trailers,

More than 20 sets of t-car with 3T, 5T, 8t, 10t, 12t, 18t various box type t-car and 40 '& 45' and other self-contained cabinets

Cross border transportation between China and Hong Kong

It has its own transportation company and warehouse in Hong Kong, providing customers
with cross-border transportation between Mainland and Hong Kong,

Hong Kong's local storage and distribution meet the demand of goods exchange between China and Hong Kong,

It is the connector and booster of China Hong Kong trade, providing convenient services for your cross-border business needs.

Service mode and advantages

Cross border transport services between China and Hong Kong:  
More than 30 container vehicles and more than 10 ton vehicles go to and from the mainland and Hong Kong every day. Each vehicle is equipped with GPS positioning to update the in transit information to ensure timeliness and safety

Hong Kong warehousing services:

More than 30000 square feet of our own standard warehouse, with the help of advanced warehouse system, we can update your inventory information in real time, provide complete inventory report, and let you visit the site in person.

Hong Kong local delivery service:

Local delivery in port area, delivery at wharf, sea / air airport, and delivery to the designated receiving point on time according to your instructions

Fast clearance service: 

Ensure customs clearance timeliness, accuracy, one-stop solution to document processing and transmission, save time and worry

Convenient system services:

It supports multi-mode order (portal, email, excel import, etc.), which is convenient and efficient; Caobang app management system improves efficiency and ensures accurate information; advanced storage system makes operation in the warehouse simple and fast, and inventory data safe and accurate; GPS can make your supply chain highly controllable in the whole process.

System support

Caobang app docking system, one platform, multi calling,

Visualization of whole process transportation, monitoring of process nodes, and timely information acquisition by customers

Professional team

Experienced port transportation customer service team to ensure service quality,

Customers can see the real-time dynamic of the cabinet through Caobang app

Innovative service

Match the needs of large-scale trailer of project customers,

We can adopt the optimized operation mode of regional shelving according to local conditions,
improve the operation efficiency and reduce the logistics cost

Customs services
Customs services
Integrated import and export customs clearance

In order to improve the overall logistics supply system and enhance the added value of services, Caobang logistics has set up professional customs declaration centers in Yantian, Shekou, Dachan Bay and Huangpu, Guangzhou,

We have a group of experienced customs declaration personnel to provide customers with first-class customs clearance consulting, customs resource integration and integrated solutions.

With excellent service awareness, efficient management means and good customs reputation, Caobang logistics customs declaration center ensures to provide you with satisfactory, convenient and smooth import and export customs clearance services.

Customized import supply chain solutions

Relying on the WCA partner network, we can also act as the agent of import and export customs
clearance services in North China and East China.

In order to meet the increasing demand of import customs clearance, we are especially
good at providing customized import supply chain solutions for our customers.

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